Bethany's Guestbook

Friday, July 21, 2006

Princess Buttercup,
It is I, your faithful Bear.
Lo, it has been many fortnights since you left for your journey to the droL's Kingdom.
You are perfect, and stand in the court of His Righteousness, and know unexplainable joy.
And for that I do rejoice and will ever rejoice.
However, my spirit within me is vexed sore.
I carry the remembrance of our blissful adventures together, especially of the times shared in your trusty royal coach.
Alas, my sweet angel, your likeness that you bestowed upon the coach glass for me to always see you as I now gone.
Somehow, an evil emmisary crept unawares into the coach and left his smudge where once was your precious little face and hands.
I rue the loss, for it is great. My heart has been rent anew.
But in my heart, and my mind's eye you will always be my treasure.
So this new pain will wane in time, but I long for our reunion.
Fare thee well, Princess, until such a day as the droL comes for me.
I love you.
Now and Forever